Specials Board

Specials Board Is a Light-on-Dark Text Editor Theme for Panic Coda and Apple Xcode

Specials Board developed out of a need to find a low-contrast light-on-dark theme to alleviate light-induced headaches. Based on Ryan Bates’ beautiful, and subtle, Railcast Theme for TextMate, Specials Board re-creates the essence of that theme for Panic Coda; referencing both the Railscast theme as well as its inspiration, idlefingers by Damien Timewell.

When Panic rolled out the Panic Coda 2.0 text editor they invited me to include the theme by default. Specials Board has also been extrapolated to Apple’s Xcode integrated development environment following the syntax color grouping rules of the higher contrast Midnight theme.

The Specials Board theme for Panic Coda 1.x includes .seestyle files for all programming languages that Coda supports out of the box. Not just Ruby, PHP, XHTML, CSS and the others referenced in the demo screencaps, but ASP, Python, Smarty, Action Script, Java and all the others. In addition to the default modes included with Coda, Specials Board includes a .seestyle for the Joe Bergantine Django Template language mode and, with the help of Rudolf Adamkovič, Andrew Porter, Christopher Hendrix and Mark Learst it also includes .seestyle files for bash, CoffeeScript, i18n, Makefile, YAML, jQuery, MooTools, LESS, SASS and WordPress. More instructions on finding, downloading, and installing custom syntax modes can be found in the project's Readme file.

Word on the Street

I’ve shared [this theme] with all of my coworkers, and have it in my dropbox account so that I can install it whenever I encounter a fresh copy of Coda.

Eli Horne

Excellently done, sir. Really easy on the eyes.


Great theme! Thanks for sharing!


This theme is great. I love the colors.


This [theme] looks great. Thank you!



Apple Xcode

Source @ GitHub


See the Readme file for installation instructions.

Panic Coda 2

Specials Board is included by default with Panic Coda 2.

Panic Coda 1/SubEthaEdit

Source @ GitHub


See the Readme file for installation instructions.

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