Open Source Projects

  1. Color Schemes

    1. Specials Board

      Specials Board is a low contrast light-on-dark color scheme based on Ryan Bate's Railscast TextMate theme. Originally created for the Panic Coda text editor it has also been ported into an Apple Xcode theme.

    2. Birds of Paradise

      Birds of Paradise is an original light-on-dark, brown-based .seestyle color scheme for Panic Coda. It has also been ported to a TextMate / Sublime Text 2 .tmTheme.

  2. Django + Coda

    1. Django Template Language Syntax Highlighting Mode

      Provides syntax highlighting of the HTML / Django Template Language for the Panic Coda text editor.

    2. Django Template Language Code Clips

      A set of clips, or snippets, for the Panic Coda text editor of Django Template Language template tags and filters.

  3. Stylesheets


    Gesso is a primer coat for a CSS or SASS project. It is a best practice boilerplate series of files, definitions and parameters designed to get a project up and running quickly without over-imposing.

  4. Django Projects

    1. Reusable Django Applications

      A number of open sourced, reusable Django applications representing common website features including a blog, events calendar, contact form and image gallery.