Portrait of Joe Bergantine

Joe Bergantine, Product Designer

Joe Bergantine is an independent UX and brand design consultant, interactive producer and full-stack developer working remotely with startups and small businesses to utilize design thinking methodologies to discover, create, and bring to market new products and services.

A Brief Résumé

  1. Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Art Institute of Portland, Portland, Oregon, 2005
  2. Production Artist, ID Branding, Portland, Oregon, 2005
  3. Graphic Designer, Knowledge Learning Corporation, Portland, Oregon, 2005-2006
  4. Graphic Designer, Thibeault Studios, Bozeman, Montana, 2006-2007
  5. Interactive Director, OC|Brand, Bozeman, Montana, 2007-2010
  6. Interactive Producer, MercuryCSC, Bozeman, Montana, 2010-2014
  7. In 2013, Joe started Kinsa UX, a consultancy focusing on product design for startups.